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Take control of your institution’s repository with a hosted, fully
customizable, feature-rich, easy-to-manage application.

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We’re Here For You

Don’t have the capabilities for your own in-house development team? That’s what SoftServ is here for. See how your institution could benefit from hykuUP.


We know managing hosting can be a challenge with resource constraints. Let us host for you!

Managed by You

Once we hand over the keys we don’t peek under the hood, unless you want us to. We are here for you when you need it.

Easy to Brand

Fully customizable for seamless integration of your branding with an easy and intuitive user interface.

Feature-rich Straight Out of the Box

We understand that everyone has different and often-times specific needs for their repository that’s why we have created so many features for you to take advantage of to make your life easier.

User-Managed Theming & Branding

Chose fonts, colors, and logos to transform your repository’s look with no coding required, or add your own custom CSS in a simple interface. SoftServ offers optional design services to help you achieve the perfect theming and branding.

Mediated Deposit

Mediated deposit allows repository administrators the option to review all deposits before publication. This workflow includes notifications to reviewer and depositor at each step, as well as the ability to request revision before approval.

Admin & User Accounts

Invite users and administrators to your repository right from the application via email. Use admin sets to create discrete access permissions at the collection level. Accounts are set up with a secure login and password management workflow.

Flexible Collection Management

Easy collection creation and management allows the addition of works individually or in bulk. Creating child collections within parent collections expand the possibilities. Sharpen the collection pages with custom logos and banners.

We Know One-Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

Our tiers below provide a guideline to our pricing, but we know all the variables involved and are happy to quote custom pricing. If the packages here don’t align with your budget and requirements, please contact us and we will setup an appointment to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

Independent Tier
Up to 3,000 objects
Up to 300 GB of original uploads


Small Tier
Up to 100,000 objects
Up to 10 TB of original uploads


Large Tier
Up to 1,000,000 objects
Up to 200 TB of original uploads


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