Hyku offers a mediated deposit workflow out of the box. Bringing in the feature from Hyrax, it allows repository managers to control repository content by requiring submission to a mediated workflow that requires all uploads to be reviewed and approved by the admin. This feature can be a great time-saver for program staff.

This simple deposit workflow is a huge gain for institutions that are relying on manual submission and review via email attachments and other cumbersome processes. It reduces the workload of repository managers and admins by allowing users to self submit through a reviewed process.

The steps are simple:

  1. The Admin creates a mediated admin set and make that available to the relevant set of Depositors
  2. The Admin receives a notification that a work is deposited and awaiting review
  3. The Admin reviews the submission, with options to approve or push back for revision
  4. If revision is requested, the Depositor receives a notification and Admin comments in the interface, with an opportunity to edit and resubmit
  5. The Admin receives a notification to review the second round, complete with Depositor comments
  6. The Admin approves the work, and it becomes viewable in the repository
  7. The Depositor receives a final notification of success!

Throughout the process, the work page draft is tagged with a clear label indicating its status. The videos below demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of this mediated deposit workflow:

While there are many use cases, this feature is especially valuable for academic institutions that preserve electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). Making ETD’s discoverable and available for researchers is a boon for academic work in the digital age. Mediated deposit offers a built-in solution to a major hurdle in the success of an ETD platform.

HykuUP makes this easily-configured workflow available to all admin users. It offers a quick-start, feature-rich repository platform for a wide variety of use cases, as well as data migration support for moving from an existing platform. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration, contact us – we’d love to hear from you.